Road Trip Part I "Galena"...

Michael and I got a rental car and decided to get the hell out of town yesterday. Our first stop was the historic town of Galena. A thriving city at a time when Chicago was still a swamp village, Galena built a fortune on lead in the 1830's. It later was home to Ulysses S Grant.

This is a view down Main Street. I was quite impressed by its length and size.

Built up into the hillside, there are stairs everywhere to get from one street to another.

Walking around, there is house after house from the first half of the 19th century. I don't know the age of this duplex on Diagonal Street, but judging by the homes that surround it, I would guess this house dates back to the 1840's. I was more enamoured by this little place with the crooked roof, than any of the old mansions nearby.


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