Wacker Tower...

Unknown to most Chicagoans, a little art deco gem of a skyscraper on E Wacker Place, stands Wacker Tower.

Built in 1928 as the Chicago Motor Club, my understanding is that it was the precursor to AAA. In 1997 there was an adaptive re-use project done converting the building to office space, but today it sits empty. Internet searches about the building have mostly come up empty.

At sixteen stories, its a pretty small skyscraper, and it is surrounded by taller buildings on a small spur off of Wacker Drive, The entrance has plastic sheeting hiding the view of the intact art deco lobby with a large vintage mural of the motoring age in the 20s.

Detail of the facade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to work in 1 E Wacker and walk by that building and wonder about it all the time - I LOVE it. Anyone want to pool our dough and buy it? Haaaa.

10/12/2005 7:42 PM  
Blogger curtsy said...

As I bike messenger I used to pickup & deliver there regularly. It was one of the most distinctive lobbies in all of downtown. As I recall, the intent was to convert it to condos. AAA had their downtown office there until they moved to the Thompson Center in the late 90's.

10/19/2005 12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always loved this building too!

10/20/2005 8:51 AM  
Anonymous kasia said...

I work very close to this beautiful building and have often wondered about its past as well. Last week a commercial was filmed in front of it. They had the spotlights illuminating the silver facade and it was amazing.

Too bad it's empty. I suspect it has some stories to tell... if only walls could talk.

11/09/2005 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My room at the Hard Rock Hotel this weekend looked out onto Wacker Tower, and I became really curious about its story. It's unfortunate it isn't occupied, because I'd sure like to see the lobby. Apparently the guy who owns it wants to tear down the Wacker Tower along with the Christian Science church next door and build condos. It would be unfortunate if that happened.

11/20/2006 8:31 AM  

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