Haunting in the Loop...

Our Benevolent Dictator, Da'Mare, who will go to no ends to ensure his name is plastered on anything owned by the city and vertical, has done this "Haunted Village" in his fathers namesake plaza for nearly ten years now.
Each year I pass by the orange cauldron of water churning in the fountain, looking at the carved pumpkins sitting on shelves behind chicken wire, and think to myself... "Only in Chicago..."
Well, again this year I have been passing by this haunted splendor sitting in modernist Daley Plaza for a few weeks, and until tonight, I still hadn't taken the time to take photographs. So finally, with tonight being Halloween, I went over and took a few images.

The orange lights in the trees and the cauldron of orange water is quite striking. Tonight being Halloween, this was my last chance to catch the orange water, for historically, the fountain is shut down and drained beginning on November, 1st.

Close up of the fountain.

Carved pumpkins behind chicken wire beyond the fountain.

They do a nice job creating an atmosphere that if I were a little kid, it would surely seem scary.


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