Temporary View to Become Less Temporary...

My view from my apartment is one step closer to becoming less of a view today. 108 N State officially breaks ground this morning. When I did a post about being mentioned in this article (registry may be required) in the Tribune last spring, I knew that this day was soon to come. (I knew it when I bought the place back in 2002, but I also knew that once the project is completed, I stand to make more money when I sell.)
You have no idea how much I want to play hooky from work today to be there for the ceremony, one problem, I don't have an invite... So, I took this shot this morning when I got up. You can see the tent and covered red carpet.

(EDIT: 7:30 AM) A few minutes later I took this shot... Take a close look at the billboard on the NE corner of State and Randolph... More to come...


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