Father Time Getting Old...

I remember seeing this clock on my first visit to Chicago in 1998, and I have passed by it countless times, but finally the light was right, and I took a few shots of it on a recent sunny weekend. I always forget it is there, but have always been fascinated by it, whenever I would see it. I didn't even know that it was Father Time standing atop keeping watch over the city.

Perched on the Jewelers Building (aka 35 E Wacker) on the corner of Wacker and Wabash, this clock has been serving passersby for nearly 80 years. It took a bit of searching, but I was able to find out that the clock was a gift from the Elgin National Watch Company and was installed in 1926. Back when it was tied in with the Naval Observatory it was recognized as "the most reliable timepiece in Chicago."

Although it is no longer connected to the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, it still keeps accurate time under the watch of Father Time.

Weathered yet quite beautiful.

I liked this shadow effect on the face, the hands just floating on their own. I am also a big fan of the red "crystals" surrounding each face. At night, the clock takes on an eerie look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful pix! I found your site on Yahoo while trying to substantiate my position to an eBay seller--they're representing a tray with a photo of the clock on the Jeweler's Building as a piece of Marshall Field's memorabilia, with a picture of the Field's clock. As a lifelong Chicagoan, I noticed the discrepancies right off. Did you ever notice that on the Field's clock, instead of the 4 being shown as the Roman IV, it's shown as IIII? Fun facts from a Field's fan, who's just sick about the Macy's thing . . .

5/15/2006 11:09 PM  

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