A Pie Slice in the Sky (Part II)...

With Michael now living at Marina City, I have endless opportunities to capture this place in detail from angles not available to many. I look forward to the photo op's ahead, and get ready for several more Marina City postings.

Looking down from the east tower to the west tower parking levels. The lower levels show where they have done a lot of restoration work.

I would feel safe in guessing that the person with all of the flowers is either home to an elderly lady or a middle aged gay man. I feel a bit invasive here, peering so close to peoples private balconies, but... My eyes are not the only ones that can see these either.

Looking straight down onto the roof of the House of Blues, the structure seems almost incongruous with the rest of Marina City, but in fact, it fits quite well. (Smith and Wollensky is a very different story, it looks like it was plopped down from a different state.)

Today the river is green, or is that blue green? Definitely not a place to swim, but better than brown I guess.

This shot is a very "Chicago" image. There is no other place that looks quite like this. A fine example of density, sadly most people don't "get" it. I for one feel lucky to live in this paradise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE these pics! What a great perspective! More please!

Oh, and I am in complete agreement with your comment about living in such a fantastic place! I think it's the best!

(And it would seem that I'm rather excitable with all the exclamation points!!!)


6/11/2005 12:48 AM  
Blogger Devyn said...

Thanks Chicagolvr!
You can be sure that there will be more pics of, and from Marina City to come!

6/11/2005 8:35 AM  

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