The Final Rush...

This being the last holiday season that Marshall Fields will be Marshall Fields, (before it becomes Macy's next September) I have been taking more pictures than usual of the holiday shopping chaos going on in front of the store on State Street.

Here is the view this morning before lunch.

The next several images were taken today during the brief moment when the sun was beaming down State Street. (I have been waiting for a moment when the planets aligned, it was before Christmas, the sun was shining down the street, and I wasn't at work.)

There was a time when crowds like this were normal throughout the year, but now people are at the mall the rest of the year.

Note the bag in tree. (Some of you will get it...)

More horny goodness.
It is hard to guess what will be here next year. The clock and sheath of wheat are definitely not very Macy's. Probably red stars.


This evening I took a few moments to snap a few images of the crowd.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was talking to my dad (he lives on the near-north side) at the family thing last night... Rumor has it, those Marshall Field's plaques are staying :) and that the new store is "Macy's at the Marshall Fields bulding"


12/25/2005 11:32 AM  

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