Random Mondays...12.19.05...

This week I bring a few images from my recent trip to Anaheim, as well as a couple of seasonal images.

First up, the cartoon like tree that graces (however ungracefully it may be) Daley Plaza is seen with the Daley Center as backdrop. While the "tree" is actually a combination of dozens of actual trees attached to a steel frame.

Perhaps not the smartest place to relax. Midway Airport, on the night that the Southwest Airlines plane slid off of the runway.

Quintessential Southern California... No need for further explanation other than this was the seen as we waited for the airport shuttle at our hotel.

View of Illinois as we prepared for our landing last Monday.

As a follow up to my previous post on the clock at Marshall Fields, I found this image taken several weeks ago.


Anonymous w said...

i got the other side of the tree

12/20/2005 7:02 AM  
Blogger gonlor said...

Very pretty photos.

One salute from Madrid, Spain.

12/21/2005 4:01 PM  

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