Winter Gardens Part I...

Last weekend I found a rare moment when the sun was still shining, the snow was somewhat fresh, and there wasn't anybody hanging out in Lurie Garden at Millennium Park. In fact, the garden was empty. There is much to be seen in the garden during winter. Yes, it is true that you won't see much green (except for the evergreens), and certainly no flowers... But don't overlook what is there, and the beauty it holds.

Part II tomorrow.


Blogger Gloria said...

I realize these are old pictures but I did a google search looking for winter pictures of the Lurie. These are very nice. I am a Wednesday volunteer during the season at the Lurie and take many pictures have few of winter to share. We will start the cut down of the grasses with a Saturday group in preparation for the spring bulb growth. Make sure you get to see the difference it will make...From Pollinators-Welcome

2/19/2007 2:42 PM  

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