I was looking through images taken this past year when I came across several taken at MoMA while on vacation last summer in NYC. I did a few posts about my trip, but never posted any of my images of the museum. So... Here are a few shots of the interior of MoMA.

The newly re-opened museum building is spectacular in its renovation by architect Yoshio Taniguchi. The building itself has become every bit as much a work of art as the art that it houses within its walls.

These are the stairs shown in the first image. With a very familiar Matisse on show.

As if just another painting on the wall, this woman is standing in the window of the Industrial Design Gallery. This exemplifies how the structure creates different views within.

Information Desk

Monet with Miesian benches

The view from a friends office across the street shows the outdoor sculpture garden and an incredible landscaped roof top out of sight of visitors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning, Devyn!

You've done it again! Thank you.


1/16/2006 3:45 PM  

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