Outlined in Light...

Last year I was sitting on my sofa watching some crappy show on TV when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the gabled portion of the RR Donnelly Building was outlined in white light. This was the first time I had seen it and was quite delighted. I thought to grab my camera and take a few shots, but then thought... "Oh, they must have just fixed it, and I can take a picture on another night when there is even crappier television on." Well, as you can guess, that night didn't arrive and I have been kicking myself ever since. That is, until tonight....

In the days that followed, I told several friends about it, even posted about it on Skyscraper City... Nobody believed me, they said that I was imagining it, and that the lighting didn't exist...
After a while, I almost began to believe they were correct.... Well... Ha Ha... Here it is!

Here is my proof!.... The angled portion of the top of RR Donnelly lit up with fluorescent lighting behind a sofit.
What is the occasion?
Why is tonight special?

(EDIT 7:30 AM 1/5)
I was up again at about 12:45 AM and noticed that the main lighting had been shut off for the night, but the lighting at the top remained.

When I got up this morning at about 7:00, the main lighting was back on... And as I am posting this, the main lighting has been turned off again.... Hmmmm....


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