More Christmassy Goodness...

Tonight I bring you random holiday images taken in the Loop last night.

Shoppers rushing across State Street at Washington. I used my tripod for this one, and took about five shots with the timer. This one was the most interesting.

I took this shot a few weeks back, but without a tripod, it was just too blurry. Last night, I got a much clearer one.

Partially working light display on the Goodman Theater Building. This LED display is great when it works... Which is less and less often. (Also note the "Orient L" in the background.)

The Chase Holiday Tree. They liberally used blue LED's which give it an amazing blue glow.

And finally, a few more shoppers scurrying about at Marshall Fields.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

merry xmas to you and mike! still out out cell range here in the trailer park :)

12/25/2005 7:33 AM  

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