Van Buren in B&W...

Van Buren is a great street to experience hints of Chicago's past. There are intersections where little has changed since the end of the 19th Century. Digging through my stash, I came up with these shots taken under the "L" and after converting them to black and white, they just had this old time Chicago feel about them...

Looking west from Plymouth.

Looking back towards State, even the library takes on an old feel. Only the cars and street lighting are a giveaway.

The Fisher Building (1896, D.H. Burnham), converted to apartments a few years ago, has been beautifully restored.

Entrance to the Fisher Building.

Old Colony on Van Buren between Dearborn and Plymouth. Completed in 1894, designed by Holabird & Roche. The corner oriels are really special. Here is an image taken before the "L" train was completed in 1897.

(btw, still working on getting images with the new camera.)


Anonymous w said...

great shots and thanks for the history lesson!

1/19/2006 7:00 AM  
Blogger John said...

With pics like that it seems all that's changed are the cars.

1/19/2006 9:35 AM  

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