Conan Crowds...

I had a request for pics of all the Conan action going on this week at the Chicago Theater... Unfortunately, my need to pay the mortgage has had to take priority over ditching work and waiting in line for stand-by tickets. (Damn adulthood)

I did however manage to get home a few minutes before six last night, and just in time for last nights crowds as they were leaving the theater. I shot a few from my window, and then put my shoes on and went down to the street to take a few more.
By time I got down there (about 5-8 minutes after this image was taken), the crowd had mostly dispersed, and the lights on the marquee were shut down for the night.

So, I offer up a few of what I did manage to get.

At this point, you can actually see the crowd thinning out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for fulfilling that request. Just what I was looking for

5/12/2006 6:13 PM  

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