Random Mondays... 05.01.2006...

Missed my random post from last week, so I decided to bring you a longer one today. Including a few from my NYC trip. To follow... Images shot over the past ten days.

First a shot of one of the restored light fixtures in the main lobby at the Art Institute.

Senator Jan Schakowsky, speaking at a rally at Federal Plaza, this shortly after speaking at the big rally this afternoon. Shot about an hour ago, she was there to bring awareness to the genocide happening in Darfur.

Wind whipping the awnings along Washington yesterday afternoon. It looked as if they would be torn from their frames.

Traffic light at State and Washington laying in state after it was hit by a car overnight on Saturday.

The "Honorary Marshall Fields Way" sign needs to be straightened.

Vintage 50s entrance at 30 E Adams.

And now for some random NYC...

First up, Bryant Park... I had my first piece of New York Pizza across the street from here, the place is now gone as the B of A building rises in its place.

Base of a column on the Manhattan Bridge. This dates from the early part of the 1900s, yet the pattern looks so mid-century.

Entrance to Manhattan Bridge eastbound. What a way to leave Manhattan... or is that... What a way to get to Brooklyn!

Wavy condo building in SOHO. Quite the illusion from below.

P&G Cafe, Upper West Side.


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