I have returned from Mecca...

I got back into town yesterday, too tired to post (sorry)... So, I took today to think about what to post first. (Not to worry, my blog is first and foremost about the Loop in Chicago, but I will do several posts on my other favorite city, NYC.) My goal was to shoot 500 images, and I managed to get over 600 in the end. Here are a few I shot on my final evening.

Washington Square Park is anchored by this incredible arch on the north side. A monument to George Washington. Originally erected in 1889, in memory of the centennial of George's inauguration, the plaster and wood arch was replaced by the current marble version in 1892.

One of the two sculptures of George on the north face of the arch.

Standing under the center of the arch looking straight up.

Stefan pointed out this image... My eye for seeing things others don't is rubbing off on my friends...

From the fountain side of the arch. This was almost the last photo taken on my trip.


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