Cloudgate Finally Finished... Still Shiny...

The Bean (aka Cloudgate) has finally been completed with the finishing touches, bringing out its shiny goodness. I like it that the seams are no longer visible, but in some ways, it feels less shiny because there is a slight distortion where there were once seams. This super shiny glob of mercury came in at about 17 million dollars, and even with that kind of money, they still could not get the distortion out of a few areas of the surface.

But, in the end, it is still a unique and amazing object to behold... Especially when there aren't hundreds of tourists huddling underneath it.

I haven't posted a lot of images of the Bean, mainly because I feel it has become a bit over exposed.

Yours truly...

Unrelated to the Bean, but close by... The Pritzker Pavilion. I really like how this shot came out, even without a tripod.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so glad i got that friggin t-shirt :)

c u in NYC!!!


4/15/2006 10:33 AM  

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