Random Mondays... 04.10.06...

Today's randomness is a bit all over the board, take a look...

First... Many are familiar with this costumed guy handing out gym coupons on several bridges. Here he (I have seen that it is indeed a he) is working Madison Street Bridge this past week.
I have seen him for years, and each time I do... I think about how incredibly awful it would be to be standing in an ape suit, sweating my brains out for what is probably minimum wage, and then I am reminded how lucky I am to not have to. (Also, note the hand holding the bag of oranges. This guy is here each morning hocking apples, oranges, and bananas. He brings them there in a red wagon.)

Underside of the shed roof on the Fullerton "L" platform. Was it really orange at one time? Or, is it just primer...?

Gate near Fulton Market in West Loop. It looks as though there have been several attempts to get through, including cutting the bars.

Inland Steel at Dusk. West Monroe and Dearborn.

Stairway to nowhere.... Well, the Trump site really, but it is quite a drop off as seen in the following image.

Didn't this staircase lead to a mini park?


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