The Season has Opened...

Today was the second home game for the Cubs in their newly revamped digs, and while I didn't make it to the game, I took an outdoor tour of the changes and was impressed.

This view from the Addison "L" platform.

On the corner of Waveland and Sheffield is a new entrance apparently paid for by Bud Light... I like that there is an elevator to comply with ADA.

I was impressed by how little the overhanging new bleacher addition impacts the sidewalk below. When you are on the sidewalk, it is almost as if it doesn't exist. The new brick pavers are a nice touch as well.

On Sheffield, there is a new access gate, which just walking down the street, you get a free glimpse of the field and the action.

Ticket windows for the sold out game.

The ubiquitous sign we all know so well. Sorry Comiski (Cell, or what ever you want to call it), it just isn't the same.


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