Death of another Parking Garage...

Since it's no secret that I have an odd attraction to parking structures.... (more here) When I found out that another one of my favorites was being torn down, I had to go over and get pictures. I was quite fond of another long gone parking structure, the Hotel LaSalle Public Garage, and posted about it's demise last year.

This garage on the north side of the river on LaSalle St, while completely different than HLPG, stood out as a good example of simple, utilitarian, mid century parking structure design. But it was it's simplicity and honesty that I liked so much. It is being torn down to make way for... Shockingly, another skyscraper. 300 N LaSalle will rise on the site. Rendering of the building here.

Close up of the classic mid century neon sign. I had planned for more than year to get over here at night and shoot the sign while it was still working (which it was not that long ago when I rode the Brown Line), but like so many other things I have wanted to photograph, it is too late.

The sign says: "Remember where you parked. "B-1-N" Mark floor location on your ticket."

Stair tower at other end of garage, note the fire extinguisher still on the side of the top floor.

Close up of fire extinguisher, and rooftop exit sign above door.

A Brown Line Train can be seen through the remains crossing the bridge.

Snaking rebar everywhere.

Only the central structure is remaining.

Another fire extinguisher standing at the ready.


Blogger Diane said...

The new 300 N. LaSalle bldg is completely the wrong scale for that site. What are they thinking?!

4/04/2006 11:10 AM  
Blogger Devyn said...

Half of me likes it, the other half feels the same way you do. For me, I think it will have to be a wait and see.


4/04/2006 12:03 PM  

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