Live from State Street!...

While that has been one of my sayings for the past couple of years, tomorrow morning at 5AM will mark the unveiling of the new WLS ABC7 Chicago-State Street Studios. I stopped over this evening and snapped a few before all the hoopla begins tomorrow morning.

I can only imagine how long it will take for somebody to take hammer to the twisty vertical (and very expensive!) LED sign. It comes all the way down to the sidewalk, and there is only that little steel cable to keep the crowds back.

As you can see, since the opening isn't until tomorrow, the crowds are clearly still hangin out over at NBC 5's studios on Michigan Ave.

The Chicago Theater is getting in on the celebration as well (or at least that is how Channel 7 wants you to think, I am sure that sign cost them.)

I couldn't help but toss this image in... Isn't it typical of the CTA to have yet another broken down bus falling to pieces in the middle of the street? Our hard earned tax dollars, hard at work.


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