Behind the Gehry...

Many a critic has noted that the back (side facing Randolph St to the north) of the Gehry Bandshell was left incomplete, unfinished, and does not present well.
I for one actually like the "unfinished" look. How is this any different the front of most homes and many businesses in the city. They present to the street a nice pretty facade and only inches around the corner, the brick goes from attractive red or tan to the more utilitarian "Chicago Pink" brick. This wouldn't be so bad if our homes were actually built up side by side, in real row house fashion like NYC or Boston... But no, in Chicago, we separate hour houses by about four feet revealing the less attractive un-fancy sides of each one as you look down the gangway.
So, to the critics that don't like the backside of the bandshell... Get over it... How else can one see the incredibly intricate detail of how this monstrous thing was put together.

Lighting with dichroic lenses shine luminous color onto the steel plates.

Stairs leading to the restrooms from the east.

Close up of the complicated fittings.

Doors leading back stage with corrugated steel wall.


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