Meanwhile... Outside of the Loop...

Today was such an incredibly beautiful day, that Michael and I decided to spend as much time outside as we could stand. And, in the end, we spent six hours on one very long walk (about four miles), and wandered around nabes in Lake View and Lincoln Park, and then ventured in to the park itself for a bit of nature.
To those that may wonder, this is proof that I don't confine all of my photo taking to urbanity. (Well, yes I do since this is still in the city.) Here is a small selection of the more than one hundred images I shot while on my walk.

First up, this tree was near the parking lot for the zoo.

Found in front of one of the many ubiquitous condo towers across from the park. Instead of taking a pic of the condo tower, I thought this was more relevant for the day.

Walking along the north pond, near the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (which I still have never gone to), a couple of young kids were playing with their bikes, and when one of them saw me with my camera, he told me about the turtles (just in case I would want to take a picture). He dragged Michael and I about 250 feet where we found this lovely creature sunning himself on a fallen limb in the water. He was right, I did want to take pictures...

Walking along the waters edge, we discovered dozens of turtles sunning themselves in the water, and in the end, I shot about fifty turtle pictures. This one was one of my faves, I didn't see the fifth one until I got home and downloaded the images.

An elderly couple was feeding squirrels, and this one was all too happy to sit still for me to take a shot while he was eating a nut or something.

From the bridge crossing over the south pond at the south entrance to the zoo. There was competition to take a pic between tourists, and a wedding party all trying to capture one of the best vistas in the city.


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