Meat Packing in NYC...

On a very, very wet Saturday afternoon last weekend, we were traipsing through the Meat Packing District in Manhattan to see just how gentrified the area had become since my last visit to the nabe. Sadly, the high end boutiques have taken away from the area, the very thing that drew them here in the first place... Grit. I mean... Wasn't it only a few years ago that Samantha on Sex in the City was chasing away gender-bending "tranny ho's" from the street in front of her loft in this hood?

There are still a few active businesses doing the meat packing, but they are one by one, closing up and moving to the Bronx. Here you can see the track used to off-load carcasses from the trucks, for processing smaller chunks of meat for restaurants.

Note the sign in the distance for Scoop NYC.

On the left is another closed business, and on the right...

The new flagship for Diane von Furstenberg... This is just wrong.... What, wasn't SOHO good enough?

Around the corner from von Furstenburg another closed up business, note the carcass tracks here as well. It seems that in renovating the spaces into high-end retail, the meat tracks (or whatever they are actually called) are removed, which again takes away from the very reason they came to the neighborhood to begin with.

West 14th Street, the most gentrified of the blocks. Here you will find a Bodum store, Alexander McQueen, LaPerla, and more. Western Beef (orange awning) at the end of the block will be closing later this year.

I think the "M&W Packing Inc." sign was left there to tease us, when the loft spaces above would go for millions.


Anonymous Jason Ben'Ous said...

The "M&W Packing Inc" sign was not left to tease you...This business is still operating as it has for the past decades. Originally started by my grandfather (in the building now inhabited by MARKT)and presently by my parents, in the building shown on your site. We hope to continue operating for some time and preserve the authenticity and culture of the meat packing district.

Thanks for your interest in the area and all the photos.

7/17/2006 12:42 PM  

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