Hyatt Center (revisited)...

I have done previous posts about or including the Hyatt Center (here, here, and here), but couldn't help but take more shots on the way home from work tonight.

The street wall along Wacker is finally whole with the completion of 111 S Wacker and the Hyatt Center. Standing on Wacker in front of 10 South this afternoon, I was noticing the clouds contrasting with a deep blue sky, which led me to notice the Hyatt Center.

Where there were four when I moved here in 1999, all the vacant lots along the north south section of Wacker have been filled in nicely with 191 N Wacker, UBS Tower, Hyatt Center, and 111 South Wacker.

The shape while not necessarily unique, does fit the building well, and as far as I know, this is the only building with this shape in Chicago.

Standing at the "split" on the west end of the building looking up.

Standing on Monroe looking up at Hyatt and 111 S Wacker.

Side shot from Monroe.


Blogger Fizz said...

I worked in 30 South Wacker during the late 90s and am glad to see the holes have been filled-in along this fabulous boulevard!!(perhaps we could get some pics looking down the street wall someday =) Thanks for these wonderful angles on this city I miss so much!

5/26/2006 12:15 PM  

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