Random Mondays... 05.22.06...

The randomness for today is culled from shots taken over the past week.

First up... Mr "God hates homos, adulterers, smokers, drinkers, liars, people that are late for work, etc..." Samuel Chambers has been a fixture on State Street for more than 35 years.

What time is it?
Marshall Fields Clock at State and Washington.

Waiting in line for tickets (at 6:40 AM) to Chicago Great Places and Spaces this past Saturday, I saw the light coming through the windows of the entry area to the modern wing at the Art Institute across the street.

The next morning standing in line even earlier (6:10 AM) I saw the sun again being reflected across the street at the Art Institute.

Standing on Randolph yesterday afternoon looking up.

And finally, a follow up to last week... I mentioned that the "Cen" on the neon sign was not working... Well, they read my mind and fixed it.


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