Sears Tower is Bulky (and Tall)...

Edit: Blogger is giving much grief, if the images aren't showing up, you can see them on Flickr.

There are times when it is difficult to take in the imensity of the Sears Tower. Not exactly an architecturally asthetic pleaser, I give it props for two things. It's shear bulk, and the engineering behind it.

Standing at the corner of Jackson and Wacker, these are a few shots taken this past weekend. This image is nearly a mirror from left to right.

Zooming in closer, the bulk is more blatant.

This shot almost looks like it is actually several buildings. And engineering wise, it is. A big part of what makes the tower able to stand so tall is that is is made up of nine tube like structers of varying height bundled together for strength.

Half an hour earlier and a few blocks away at Madison and LaSalle, I saw the top of the tower peeking through the clouds.


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