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In Part V, the final part of my series on my tour of Inland Steel, I offer up a few images of the most pristine mid-century garage you have ever seen.

It was the finale to the tour, and what a final treat it was. While very utilitarian, the garage was, according to their literature, the first parking garage under a skyscraper. If you are thinking that it would be a handy place to stash the car on your next trip into the Loop, think again. First, you should be taking public transit to the Loop, but more importantly, the garage is for building tenants only, no public parking is allowed.

As was explained to us, the reason this place is as clean as it is, is due to two very dedicated garage attendants whom obviously take great pride in their work.

I would be willing to bet money, that this is the cleanest garage in the city.

The ramp leading to the street is this fantastic perfectly painted curve.

The shadows on the cinderblock in addition to the small round ground level lights just add to the" mid-century mod" look.


Anonymous wvallen said...

was your power out? did you get shots of the scene?

6/01/2006 10:47 PM  
Blogger Devyn said...

My power was uneffected, and I couldn't see any buildings that were out. (I know 20 N Clark was out, but that's two blocks away.)

I saw the crews at the street level, and could see many of them from my window, but I didn't feel a strong pull to photograph it, because it just seemed like a bunch of trucks.

6/02/2006 7:07 AM  

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