Leo Burnett in B&W...

Another small collection of images converted to black and white for your pleasure....

Today, I bring you the Leo Burnett Building at 35 W Wacker.

Completed in 1989, it is PoMo without being absurdly PoMo.

This building was not one of my favorites when I moved here in 1999, but I have grown to appreciate it's textural surface.

This image is more focused on the concrete surface of 55 W Wacker (left), but you get a good idea of how the texture of the recessed windows plays with shadow.

(The new camera is not performing as I had anticipated, I either need to learn more about how to use it, or it may be defective. I have shot about 120 images so far, but I am not yet satisfied with the results. It may be going back to Amazon, and I may be searching for a different one. Either way, I will keep you posted.)


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