Random Mondays... 02.06.06...

My selection of images this week again focuses on night shots. I have been having a blast learning how to take night images. I see it as a challenge. So long as it isn't too cold, I hope to spend a lot more time out during the evening.

Crate and Barrel on Michigan Ave.

Protesters at last Tuesdays rally. I like that it isn't quite focused. To me it has a sense of urgency. Taken at Daley Center.

Marina City Rooftop, looking at the ring of lights atop East Tower. Taken from West Tower, IBM is behind.

Ice on sidewalk, Wacker and Wabash

More ice nearby. Look carefully, the ice is actually suspended above the concrete where it has melted on the underside. One step down on it, and crunch, the tiny suspended sections gone.

Chicago River looking west from base of Wabash Bridge


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These are great!

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