"L"... Snow... Belmont... New Camera...

This morning I was up at Belmont waiting for a train back to the Loop when decided to miss a train to get these shots. This is my first post in which first shots take with my new camera are featured. The jury is still out on the camera... But there are things about it that I love, and I am hoping the learning curve isn't too steep before it's too late to return it. I have taken about 350 shots so far, and will bring more to you this week.

Here we are looking South from the pedestrian over-pass (which if they include one at the newly constructed station, it will surely not be open air like this one, and we now how well the CTA cleans glass).

Same train, different perspective.

Same view again... Note the "Customers" (that's CTA talk) waiting on the platform at Wellington.

Looking North, Red Line heading to Howard.

Again only wider... The black high-rise in the background is up in Edgewater, and was my former home before I moved to the Loop.

Unrelated, but... OK, this one was completely by accident, I was futzing with the camera near "Wiggly Field" when I pressed the shutter. The camera focused on the water droplets on the window as opposed to the trees. I actually like it, and may work at cropping it down to frame it better.


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