Urb...Out... Open...

I remember how cool Urban Outfitters seemed when I first started shopping the Seattle store in 1991... And even though their target market is nearly half my age, I still enjoy looking at the tchotchke from time to time.

Well, today was the grand opening of their new State Street store, so I thought I would post a few images taken over the past month. This shot taken on January 18th, as they were working on the facade.

Only two days after the shot above, they had to remove the Urban Outfitters sign from the building (look behind the subway exit) in order to install the mesh panels. Guess they should have thought about that before they installed the sign.

Curious about the sign sitting on the sidewalk, I walked across the street to get a picture of it only to find it being rolled away around the corner. As I ran to the corner, I got this shot just as they were turning into the alley.

Last week, the mesh panels are up, the sign is back up, and there were dozens of skinny little hipster types stuffing the shelves with merchandise.

Tonight, I stopped in for their opening day. They will be open until 9:00 PM each night... I am really glad to see that. It's a good thing for my street. More businesses on State Street= more people= safer streets= nicer place to live.

Thrift store chandeliers spray painted white.


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