Chinatown Chicago...

Chinatown in Chicago at 18th Cermack and Wentworth my not compare to Chinatown in NYC or San Francisco, but it is still a great neighborhood wander, and you can find some great Dim Sum!
Chinatown Chicago

I find myself drawn to the lettering on the "Overseas Art and Travel" sign. I need to come back in the evening to find out if the neon is still functioning.
Chinatown Chicago

The Pui Tak Center
Chinatown Chicago

A great place for Dim Sum on a Sunday Morning
Chinatown Chicago

Somehow I would think that "Cantonesia" would be mildly offensive. But I suppose after a few Maitai's, it wouldn't really matter.
Chinatown Chicago


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be "Chinatown in Chicago at Cermak and Wentworth".

18th street is way outside of Chinatown.

1/01/2008 1:50 PM  

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