Random Mondays... 06.12.06...

Today's random fun comes from shots taken over the past few weeks.

First up... Waiting for the Red Line at North and Clyborn last week. They are installing cameras at all of the subway stations, so snapping random shots without the wrath of CTA employee's will become more challenging. Even though it is completely legal to take pictures on CTA property (the policy allows for incidental photography), employee's routinely challenge you and tell you that you can't do it. It is usually not worth the argument.

"Pago Pago-Cantonese Food and Exotic Drinks in a Polynesian Atmosphere"

Painted on a building on Wabash just south of Van Buren. I don't know how far back you would have to go to find all three of these locations still in operation, but I think it is before the 773 area code came into being. Anybody have any ideas?

In the 20th floor laundry room at Marina City, is a "Weathermaker".
I think this is perhaps the best name for an air-conditioner ever.

Standing on Wacker and Monroe looking up at 30 S Wacker. Now I want to know if the windows are really that wavy or if it is an illusion.

A block away on the corner of Monroe and Franklin. I have shot this before, and probably posted a previous version, but it is none the less, a great intersection for looking up.

Wabash Ave side of the Essex House Hotel. These bricks are not painted, they were glazed in the different colors... How Mid-Century! Even though I have posted previous shots of this before, this one taken yesterday has such a nice shininess to it.


Anonymous Frank said...

I work at 10 South Wacker (North Tower of the CME building) was wondering what that was all about as well. I just took a look and the windows are not wavy. I believe that effect is being made by some sort of reflection off of the mini-blinds on the other side of the window pane.

6/13/2006 1:32 PM  

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