Peopled Weekend...

This weekend was all about being around large groups of people. (This being my third post in the past week focused on people... Not to worry... I have taken several shots of buildings which I will post in the upcoming week.)

The weekend first started out with the Printers Row Book Fair and Studs Terkel. We saw him yesterday at the Harold Washington Library in conversation with Liz Taylor, Literary Editor, and Rick Kogen, Staff Reporter, both of the Chicago Tribune. At 94, Studs is a Chicago legend, and I am glad I got to see him.

Walking through the Book Fair, one runs into lots of bookish folks... Not such a bad thing.

The line was far too long, but Augusten Burroughs, one of my favorite contemporary authors, was signing books yesterday. While I have read Sellevision, Dry, Running with Scissors, and Magical Thinking, I have yet to read his new one, Possible Side Effects, but I am sure that one will come along soon.

After the book fair, we headed down to Hyde Park, and accidentally ran into the 57th Street Art Fair. Wasn't looking for it, but glad to find it.
OK, so here is where it gets a bit odd, I didn't take any pictures at the art fair.... Not so odd really.... But I did take a pic of where 57th street goes under the Metra Tracks.

So today we headed down to the White Palace Grill on Roosevelt and Canal for breakfast when we decided to stop over at the "New" Maxwell Street Market. Again, didn't really pull my camera out, except to shoot this image.

So, after random Mondays tomorrow, I promise to bring back the pictures of buildings. Really...


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