Under the "L", South Loop...

I was walking down Wabash near 16th street on Sunday, when I began to hear a loud sound, like a tornado... So I rounded the corner at 16th, and walked under the "L" tracks to see what the noise was all about., and of course, it was a freight train.
It is here that the "L" tracks elevate to go over the freight trains and then ease back down again before the Orange and Green Line's go their separate way.

I have posted before (in Lake View, down Lake Street, on Wells Street, and Van Buren) about how much I love the shadows under the "L", and this is no exception. It wouldn't be Chicago with out the "L" tracks.

The next two images are me playing with black and white, leaving a small patch in the original color. Each of the rail cars (hauling coal) were shiny new aluminum, and they all had the bright green square on them. I suspect they are not connected with H&R Block.

And finally, over on State Street, the train was still going a while later...


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