Explanation of Fluffy News Items

I have been asked to explain what I mean by "Fluffy News Items" in my about me, so here goes:

Fluffy news items are those stupid tidbits of perceived news used to fill a gap in time, or end the program on a high note. Example: "BooBoo the kitty gave birth to three kittens and one of them is missing a tail."They are also the overblown stories about how a snowflake fell from the sky and stopped all traffic on the Kennedy.

About the Balcony's

Devyn's Daily Dosage

Below I posted a few pics of some of the tacked on balconies on two condo conversions at 208 and 212 W Washington. It was the shadowing that captured me. I chose these because they reminded me of warmer weather and sunshine after 5PM

Balconies 1

Balconies 2

Balconies 3

Monday Monday

Got no sleep last night. Couldn't get to sleep, then got sucked into a PBS documentary on the struggle to provide electricity to the Former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Finally conked out at 2:30 AM. I will surely be dragging today. Will post pic tonight when I get home.


First Post...

One from the Vaults (Remember when the weather was warm?) This is one of my all time favorite images!

6:10 AM, Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 at Millennium Park (Yes, I hauled my ass out of bed that early just to take pictures.)