Sitting in my apartment this afternoon, I was feeling like I just had to get out and take a few pictures. But with the snow fall being the wet and juicy sort, having my camera out in this weather isn't the smartest thing to do. Well... I don't always do the smartest things.
I only walked a couple of blocks, but after about 20 minutes, my camera started getting wet, and it was time to get back into the warmth of my apartment. Here are a few shots of slushyness this afternoon.

Daley Plaza was deserted and austere this afternoon, I was there for about ten minutes, and not a single person was around.

Note the grid of the plaza all aligned with the structure... So very Meisian...

Cook County Building across the way with snowy trees.

Randolph and Washington, the sidewalk was a bit like a spilled slurpy, but the lack of people made for a rare moment of quiet in my nabe.

OK, not related to the Daley Center, but what is with this silly chefs hat on the Fields Clock on Randolph Street?


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