Random Mondays... 02.27.06...

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... Sometimes life gets a bit busy. Today's randomness covers an assortment of images taken over the last few weeks.

540 W Madison, again... (Previously here and here.)
I pass by this place all the time while going to the grocery store after work, and if the light is right, I will pull out my camera and attempt to take pictures.

An unexpected window behind the bar at N9ne from Washington Street.

Another shot of the Kennedy , this time from Monroe (which is now closed I think, for renovation).

On a Saturday in late January, I was walking down Jackson and couldn't help but notice the silhouette of the pedestrians crossing the street.

RAM (Racine Art Museum)... While driving back to Chicago last weekend, we drove down Main Street in Racine, Wisconsin. RAM is devoted to Contemporary craft, with a focus on materials.


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