Behold... The First Hint of Spring...

Behold, I bring you the green flowing waters of Daley Plaza.

This the first true sign that Spring is only months away. Correct me if I am wrong (and it was earlier in the week), but today was the first full day of operation for the fountain at Daley Plaza this year.

Tonight on my way home, I walked over and took a few shots of the fountain.

They only dye the fountain twice a year. Right now, when they officially kick off fountain season, and just before fountain season ends on Halloween, they dye it orange. I don't know which is more difficult to clean from the granite.

OK, so I shot it from each corner...

Tomorrow the second sign of Spring... A Green Chicago River


Anonymous StuckinPhoenixburg said...

Ugh! I worked on the 21st floor of the burnham center - the firm has this fantastic roof deck...anyhow, thanks as always for the photos, the one of the Burnham Ctr almost made me cry, I'm SOOO homesick.

3/17/2006 7:43 PM  

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